Music and Lyricsby Jorge Alejandro Salazar

Notes from the score: "This emotional canon is a cry for water that does not return on the Casanare plains, it alludes to the severe drought that faced this region during the first half of the year 2014. This piece culminates in an energetic counterpoint that celebrates the arrival of water and 'Rainbow of colors.'" Sustainable tourism as a recovery strategy - thoughts?

Originally composed for children's choir, a commission "awarded by the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra in a composition competition for youth and children choirs in 2014." - Estefanía Riveros

Agua ven que el llano se muere de sed

No tardes más que mi llano

No quiere ver secar su color

Los ganados se quieren saciar con tu frescar.

Oh lluvia que no vienes ¿cuándo llegarás?

Arcoíris de sol y de lluvia ven pronto

Agua, lluvia, cielo gris.

Ven lluvia que te espera la mañana

Ven lluvia que los pájaros no can tan

Ven lluvia que mi llano pierde el alma

Ven lluvia gris.

Arcoíris de colores ven pronto

Flores, lluvia, cielo nuevo, fiesta de colores

Y un mundo bello a tus pies para amar y cuidar.

Water, they see that the plain is dying of thirst

Don't take more than my plain

You don't want to see your color dry

The cattle want to be satiated with your coolness.

Oh rain you don't come, when will you arrive?

Rainbows of sun and rain come soon

Water, rain, gray sky.

Come rain, the morning awaits you

Come rain, the birds can't sing

Come rain, for my plain loses its soul

Come gray rain.

Rainbow of colors, come soon

Flowers, rain, new sky, a fiesta of colors

And a beautiful world at your feet to love and care for.


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