Take a look at your schedule and find 15-30 minutes each day to do these exercises and/or others that work for you. Do your best to arrive to each rehearsal and performance ready to sing.

These are just a sampling of the countless exercises that exist. Most importantly, do what works, and have a specific goal for any given exercise. I'd love to know of other exercises you use and like.

Remind Yourself Often.

The following simple tips on Body, Mind and Emotions, Energy..., Breath, Onset are intended to remind you of concepts and skills we will develop in more detail and depth throughout our process.


Find your Groundedness, Center, Balance, Alignment; do what works for you to stretch all joints and muscles from toe to scalp, aiming for freedom, flexibility, balance.

Mind and Emotions.

Observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment; let go of whatever is not directly related to or supportive of your genuine expression through music; engage your creativity and imagination, your passion, your personality.

Energy, Spirituality, Connectedness to Life.

Allow yourself to be a conduit.


Draw breath in to the lowest part of your lungs.

If your chest and/or shoulders raise when you breathe in, your abdominal muscles are probably held tight - let the belly muscles relax before you breathe in.

Onset: Starting to Sing.

The goal is to produce immediately clear, vibrant tone.

Vividly imagine the pitch, vowel, tone quality you are about to create, and when you start the sound, send your breath into THAT vivid imagination.